Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Friday, November 21, 2008

Made the Semi's in the Calgary Philharmonic Principal Trumpet Auditions

Just back from an exhausting week of trips out of town. Beau and I drove to DC for a conference she had to attend. I went along to visit my good friend in the Baltimore Symphony, Rene Hernandez, and play my audition list for the Calgary Principal Trumpet audition for him. Although this was right on the heels of flying out to Calgary, the benefit was great. Thanks, Rene! It was also wonderful to finally meet the joy of his and Silva's life, little Teya. She's 3 and is already showing some amazing musical skills.

While in DC I visited my friend Tom Cupples, 2nd in the National Symphony, who graciously got me into an open rehearsal of the Orchestra playing Stravinsky's Petrouchka and Symphony of Winds. Thanks Tom!! You guys sounded great!

Drove back on a Saturday and flew out to Calgary on Monday. The day of the audition I warmed up in my room with the Silent Brass mute (I don't use the mike system, just the mute) at 9am. I had to be at the hall to draw numbers at 1:45pm, not knowing for sure if I would have to play right at 2pm or who knows when. Guess what I drew LAST. So, my prelim round ended up being about 7pm having to hang around not knowing exactly when it would be makes you tired. I hung in there. So, at about 7pm I played a stellar prelim round flawlessly and advanced!
They advanced 7 from the prelim rounds and gave the 2nd player in the Orchestra a buy into the semi's, making the semi round a total of 8 players.

In all rounds you had no idea what pieces off the list would be asked until 5 minutes before you walked on stage.

Unfortunately, my final round was not as stellar. I played well, but not up to my best and did not advance. After my first round I walked out knowing for sure that I was advanced. I was focused. My final round was not much after my first round, because I was last and they started with the semi's right away. I wasn't as focused and it cost me. I learned so much from this audition. It has been many years since I've taken an audition. I'm in a much better place now and ready to go.

The finals were only 2 players, the second player from the Orchestra who didn't have to play the prelims and a very young talented trumpeter who won the job. He's a talent to look out for Mr. Adam Zinatelli. Congrats to Adam!

On to the next one, if I can afford the airfare!

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