Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Student's are progressing nicely this year!

Congrats to all of my students who are working very hard this year!

Most recently Corinne, Carolyn, and Corey who performed on the Performing Arts Centers Recital in Framingham with great success.

My Acton studio:
Andy has auditioned at Berklee School of Music, and will be auditioning shortly at St. Rosa's College in Albany, NY on his quest to study Music Technology. Good luck, Andy!!

Mark just spent this Tuesday evening performing at a concert with his high school band, jazz ensemble, and brass ensemble, all in one evening. OUCH! My lips hurt just thinking about that long evening in Acton.

Mark and Michael continue to be stellar students! They both work diligently to achieve the perfect "dHOT"

Annette is working diligently to establish a good "dHOT".

Billerica studio:
Congrats to Brian for working hard and getting into the New England Youth Wind Ensemble at U Mass/Lowell. If I could just find a good student jazz ensemble for this talented guy, he would be all set!

The brothers, Connor and Garrett, are coming along nicely!

I just have to keep Katherine and Mattie from the giggles and they will be all set.

Christopher is an extremely talented 6th grader who is flying through his method books so fast, I don't want him to leave all my 8th graders behind!

Amy is getting a handle on a really nice sound. Keep it up, Amy!

Jessica works hard and it is really starting to show.

Andrew is the clown of my studio. He has talent, but tries diligently to divert me with Family Guy re-enactments.

Acton Studio:

My two adult students are a privilege to work with! Barbara has really begun to play well in a very short amount of time. I wished all my students worked as hard as she does. Rob and I may be collaborating with his band "Final Approach" to perform some great standards from the 60's and beyond. Rob's trying to get his trumpet playing up to the standards of his keyboard playing. We're getting there, Rob!

Alex is one of my few trombone students. We've really come a long way on improving his intonation and sound. Keep up the good work, Alex!

My newest student, Greg , is one of my most talented. He has an incredible range and a beautiful sound. Once we get his articulation under control, watch out!

My students at St. George continue to try to find any time to fit practice into their hectic, intense, prep school schedule. They are on a 2 week break now, but we'll get going again next week.

Everyone is doing very well and I could not be happier. Well.....more practice would be nice, huh.

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