Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New band director at Mcauliffe Regional Charter School

I have accepted a position as the new band director at McAuliffe Regional Charter School in Framingham, MA. http://www.mcaulifferegional.org/

This is a part time position that allows me time for performing, teaching and auditioning which is perfect for me.

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to create my own program from the ground up. While this will involve lots of work it will give me the opportunity to present my teaching style and skills to a young and excited group of 6th through 8th graders.

More to come!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Listen and Learn!

Follow this clip to learn the basics of musicianship from one of our greatest trumpet masters Mr. Maurice Murphy. Murphy is principal trumpet of the London Symphony and most well known from his studio playing of "Star Wars" and other major motion pictures. Mr. Murphy is the ripe young age of 73.

I hope all of my students will view this: http://kr.youtube.com/watch?v=cINXfDwRj0c&feature=PlayList&p=AA8CE81E31603B1B&index=6

Friday, November 21, 2008

Made the Semi's in the Calgary Philharmonic Principal Trumpet Auditions

Just back from an exhausting week of trips out of town. Beau and I drove to DC for a conference she had to attend. I went along to visit my good friend in the Baltimore Symphony, Rene Hernandez, and play my audition list for the Calgary Principal Trumpet audition for him. Although this was right on the heels of flying out to Calgary, the benefit was great. Thanks, Rene! It was also wonderful to finally meet the joy of his and Silva's life, little Teya. She's 3 and is already showing some amazing musical skills.

While in DC I visited my friend Tom Cupples, 2nd in the National Symphony, who graciously got me into an open rehearsal of the Orchestra playing Stravinsky's Petrouchka and Symphony of Winds. Thanks Tom!! You guys sounded great!

Drove back on a Saturday and flew out to Calgary on Monday. The day of the audition I warmed up in my room with the Silent Brass mute (I don't use the mike system, just the mute) at 9am. I had to be at the hall to draw numbers at 1:45pm, not knowing for sure if I would have to play right at 2pm or who knows when. Guess what I drew LAST. So, my prelim round ended up being about 7pm having to hang around not knowing exactly when it would be makes you tired. I hung in there. So, at about 7pm I played a stellar prelim round flawlessly and advanced!
They advanced 7 from the prelim rounds and gave the 2nd player in the Orchestra a buy into the semi's, making the semi round a total of 8 players.

In all rounds you had no idea what pieces off the list would be asked until 5 minutes before you walked on stage.

Unfortunately, my final round was not as stellar. I played well, but not up to my best and did not advance. After my first round I walked out knowing for sure that I was advanced. I was focused. My final round was not much after my first round, because I was last and they started with the semi's right away. I wasn't as focused and it cost me. I learned so much from this audition. It has been many years since I've taken an audition. I'm in a much better place now and ready to go.

The finals were only 2 players, the second player from the Orchestra who didn't have to play the prelims and a very young talented trumpeter who won the job. He's a talent to look out for Mr. Adam Zinatelli. Congrats to Adam!

On to the next one, if I can afford the airfare!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barnes & Noble Performance

I will be performing the 1st Movement of the Heinrich Stolzel and the Concert Etude of Alexander Goedicke at Barnes & Noble in Framingham, MA this coming Sunday afternoon as part of the fundraiser for the Performing Arts Center of MetroWest. I will be performing at 1pm on November 9th.

Come by if you can and say "hi". If you are considering lessons this is a great opportunity to come by, hear me play, and talk to me afterwards.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dream big and follow your heart

Today more than ever our school systems are at great risk of loosing precious opportunities in the arts. The majority of young people will not pursue arts as a career, but their exposure to be a part of arts creativity cannot be measured, and these opportunities should not be taken from the curriculum of any school. If music programs saw a small portion of the support that sports have we would not have anything to worry about.

I want my future children, if I have any, to have every possible option available, especially the great gift of expression through art of any type. Sports are important activities and possible careers, but so are music, painting, acting, dancing, etc...

Take a minute to check out this link: http://www.cso.org/main.taf?p=10,2,7,6
Chicago Symphony trumpeter, Tague Larsen from the Boston area followed his dream.

I grew up in a moderately poor family from the south. I had a great band program, but could not afford lessons. I practiced, practiced, and practiced some more. I'm following my dream, which is in no way lucrative, but I'm making it day by day. That piece of my heart that soars when I play the trumpet could never be replaced by my other academic type desires. I've tried to do other things, but that piece of my heart is too big. We all have a piece or our heart that must sing, whether for fun or for more, it must shine.

Our youth is stretched beyond belief with activities. Just make sure one of them allows expression through some form of art. You won't regret it.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Competitions, Districts, State, and Youth Ensembles

From now through January auditions will be looming! Districts and State auditions are just a few months away, many of the local Youth Ensembles such as Boston Youth Orchestra, MYWE (Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble), and others, usually have auditions around May. You may be a junior or senior and want to audition to be a music major or minor at your selected university.

This is the time to either begin lessons, establish a coaching session, or schedule an audition prep set of lessons.

My teaching method gets results fast when applied with practice. I can't practice for you, but I can give you the skills to approach any task with the most efficient practice methodology. Learn how to use your practice time efficiently and get results faster.

Email for scheduling availability as soon as possible. You deserve to have all the tools available to you for optimum performance.

Your confidence will soar!

Friday, August 1, 2008

School year will be beginning soon!

I hope everyone is having a great summer! Lessons at many schools will begin promptly in September. Call or email me as soon as possible to secure your desired time and day.

Billerica Schools Monday's 2pm-7:30pm

Acton Music Center Tuesday's 2pm-8:30pm (right now 2-3 is available only, but a few 1/2 slots may open up)

Performing Arts Center in Framingham Thursday's 3pm-8pm

St. George's School Thursday's 8:30am-1pm

St. George's School Friday's 8:30am-4pm

I have times available if you travel to my home mostly on Saturday and Sunday. Contact me for available times.

We will be focusing on getting ready for districts as early as possible this year. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Take a look at the MMEA website for details on scales and solos.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Trumpet cleaning kit

All trumpet students should own the Reka trumpet cleaning kit. It's the best cleaning system available and extremely easy to use.

Brasswind & Woodwind sells it for about $15 and will ship it anywhere.

CLEAN those trumpets!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Student's are progressing nicely this year!

Congrats to all of my students who are working very hard this year!

Most recently Corinne, Carolyn, and Corey who performed on the Performing Arts Centers Recital in Framingham with great success.

My Acton studio:
Andy has auditioned at Berklee School of Music, and will be auditioning shortly at St. Rosa's College in Albany, NY on his quest to study Music Technology. Good luck, Andy!!

Mark just spent this Tuesday evening performing at a concert with his high school band, jazz ensemble, and brass ensemble, all in one evening. OUCH! My lips hurt just thinking about that long evening in Acton.

Mark and Michael continue to be stellar students! They both work diligently to achieve the perfect "dHOT"

Annette is working diligently to establish a good "dHOT".

Billerica studio:
Congrats to Brian for working hard and getting into the New England Youth Wind Ensemble at U Mass/Lowell. If I could just find a good student jazz ensemble for this talented guy, he would be all set!

The brothers, Connor and Garrett, are coming along nicely!

I just have to keep Katherine and Mattie from the giggles and they will be all set.

Christopher is an extremely talented 6th grader who is flying through his method books so fast, I don't want him to leave all my 8th graders behind!

Amy is getting a handle on a really nice sound. Keep it up, Amy!

Jessica works hard and it is really starting to show.

Andrew is the clown of my studio. He has talent, but tries diligently to divert me with Family Guy re-enactments.

Acton Studio:

My two adult students are a privilege to work with! Barbara has really begun to play well in a very short amount of time. I wished all my students worked as hard as she does. Rob and I may be collaborating with his band "Final Approach" to perform some great standards from the 60's and beyond. Rob's trying to get his trumpet playing up to the standards of his keyboard playing. We're getting there, Rob!

Alex is one of my few trombone students. We've really come a long way on improving his intonation and sound. Keep up the good work, Alex!

My newest student, Greg , is one of my most talented. He has an incredible range and a beautiful sound. Once we get his articulation under control, watch out!

My students at St. George continue to try to find any time to fit practice into their hectic, intense, prep school schedule. They are on a 2 week break now, but we'll get going again next week.

Everyone is doing very well and I could not be happier. Well.....more practice would be nice, huh.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting the New Year

Happy New Year!! If you are a new student or trying to decide to sign up. Here is my current schedule with availability:

Monday Billerica Schools 2pm-6:30pm
Tuesday Acton Music Center 3pm-8:30pm
Wednesday **currently available**
Thursday St. Georges School 8am-3pm
Performing Arts Center (Framingham) 5pm-7:30pm
Friday St. Georges School 8am-3:30pm

I have various additional students that work out a flex schedule mostly on weekends.