Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Equipment

I play on a custom made mouthpiece created by Bob Osmun. Bob has spent years perfecting, what I think is the best mouthpiece made. The sizes are similar to Bach sizing, but the diameters are a bit larger. Usually I play on a 1C rim, but on Bob's mouthpiece I play a size 1 1/2C. These mpc's come with a 24 throat and an open backbore.

My C trumpet is a Bach 229 Bell with a custom leadpipe created for me by Jim Becker at Osmun Music. It is a reverse, shortened Bb pipe to a shorter "S" length.

My Bb trumpet is a standard 37 Bell in silver that was "cryogenically frozen" with the mouthpipe venturi opened up.

My Eb/D trumpet is a short model Schilke that was given to me by Jim Bursen after he retired from teaching. The serial number is in the 2000's.

My piccolo trumpet is a Schilke P54. I use a cornet Bach 3C with a 24 throat on Picc.

Filling my Teaching Studio

Trumpet Teaching Studio in the Boston Area

I created this blog to advertise my availability as a trumpet instructor.

Accepting students of all ages in the greater Boston area. I have a Graduate Diploma in Trumpet Performance with Distinction from the New England Conservatory of Music, Tanglewood Fellowship, Doctorate and Masters work in Performance and Pedagogy, and a Bachelors of Music Education.

I have performed with many top orchestras around the country including the Boston, Baltimore, and Key West symphonies; the Bohsoi and Royal Ballet Orchestras; as well as many regional orchestras in the Boston area.

I teach the concepts of process orientation, keeping the mind off of product focus which is reactionary. Keeping the mind focused on the process of sound production with specific steps allows the mind to stay in the present tense and out of the judgement process.

My studio is available for all levels, but also welcomes students who are preparing for competitions and auditions (college entrance, district and state level competitions, etc...) for short term lessons and coaching. I am also available for brass quintet/ensemble coaching and conducting. I studied wind ensemble conducting with Frank Battisti at the New England Conservatory of Music.I look forward to assisting you with your musical advancement.

My former teachers are Charles Schlueter, Timothy Morrison, Vincent Penzerelli, Leon Rapier, and James Bursen.


I'm up in Maine performing outdoor Independence Pops concerts with the Portland Symphony.

June 29 Cape Elizabeth-Fort Williams
June 30 Bridgeton-Shawnee Peak
July 1 Old Orchard Beach-Salvation Army Pavillon
July 2 Sanford-Goodall Park
July 3 Brunswick-Thomas Point