Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Daniel Louis Duncan, Trumpet

Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Equipment

I play on a custom made mouthpiece created by Bob Osmun. Bob has spent years perfecting, what I think is the best mouthpiece made. The sizes are similar to Bach sizing, but the diameters are a bit larger. Usually I play on a 1C rim, but on Bob's mouthpiece I play a size 1 1/2C. These mpc's come with a 24 throat and an open backbore.

My C trumpet is a Bach 229 Bell with a custom leadpipe created for me by Jim Becker at Osmun Music. It is a reverse, shortened Bb pipe to a shorter "S" length.

My Bb trumpet is a standard 37 Bell in silver that was "cryogenically frozen" with the mouthpipe venturi opened up.

My Eb/D trumpet is a short model Schilke that was given to me by Jim Bursen after he retired from teaching. The serial number is in the 2000's.

My piccolo trumpet is a Schilke P54. I use a cornet Bach 3C with a 24 throat on Picc.

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